What is retro-haling?

According to Tobacconist University,┬áretro-haling is the act of moving smoke from the back of the mouth, up through the nasal cavity, and exhaling through the nose. In order to retro-hale, the mouth and nasal cavity can be connected by making a ‘gulping’ action and exhaling through the nose at the same time. Retro-haling creates a powerful synergy of taste and olfaction (aroma/smell) where the spices, body, flavor, and strength of the cigar will be pronounced simultaneously.
If you are a novice, or fairly new to the world of cigars, you may have heard of retro-haling, but have never attempted this important practice. Once you do, you will never go back. Don’t be intimidated. You may at first feel like a child who has had the training wheels taken off their bike for the first time. But if you keep practicing, you will conquer it fairly quickly and a whole new world will open up to you. Retro-haling is absolutely critical to maximize your cigar smoking experience and to coax your premium tobacco to its fullest expression.
I would also suggest visiting your favorite brick-and-mortar cigar shop. Employees and even patrons of most shops worth their salt are extremely generous and should be happy to offer their tips and advice.

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